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    Mind  Your  Own  Back

   - 15 ways to manage back pain. Arlene Harris - Irish Independent

 - 'Miracle' man is on a mission to share secrets of back-pain cure.   Victoria Mary Clarke. Irish Independent - Dublin.

 - Bliss is losing that pain in the back. Carol Hunt - Irish Independent

 - Stretching back to life. Arlene Harris - IrishExaminer - Cork.        

See the May 2010 Dublin's Research and Testimonials showing incredible results after 

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Internationally acclaimed by the press, the Steve Timm “Mind Your Own Back” program, also known as MYOBack, has shown to be a highly effective Yoga Therapy program producing the most amazing results.
 As Yoga Therapy the Steve Timm “Mind Your Own Back” program is highly effective when individually designed and carefully tailored for the specific individual back condition.
A variety of personalized tailor made MYOBack programs are now been produce on DVD to cover a wide range of back problems. 
Tailor made individualized personal DVD programs are now available on request.

 There are different versions of Mind Your Own Back Therapy for different personal needs.
 Inquires at myoback@gmail.com    


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