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The MYOBack Technique


The Steve Timm “Mind Your Own Back” program, also known as MYOBack, may not suit every case, however the number of people achievements shows to be a very effective Yoga Therapy program producing amazing results.

As Yoga Therapy the Steve Timm “Mind Your Own Back” program is most effective when individually designed and carefully tailored for the specific back condition. A variety of personalized tailor made MYOBack programs are now been produce on DVD to cover a wide range of back problems.
Tailor made individualized personal DVD programsare available on requqeat.


* Easy to Learn   * Improve Your Flexibility *Great Posture * Dramatic Relief

* Increase Energy * Achieve Lasting Benefits * Reset Your Pelvis Naturally

* Save on Surgery and Drugs

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Watch Introductory videos

 MYOBack introduction 

MYOBack in a nutshell 

Limited appointments on coming up visits. Please book well in advance as your tailor made

 personal MYOBack program must be prepared and set on a DVD before the appointment

In order to get your personal MYOBack program and DVD please copy and fill in the following questionnaire.


 MYOBack Questionnaire.

Please email your answers to MYOBack@gmail.com


1.- Name, address and gender - Male or Female…...........

2.- Place, Date and Time of Birth dd/mm/yy.......................

3.- Your general state of health and diagnosed back problems. If MRI's or
x rays please include the written report.
Any Scoliosis?...one shoulder higher than the other?

4.- Can you perform basic Yoga. Lifting up your legs while flat on the floor?

5.- Do you have any Sacroiliac problems?

5.- Ladies please inform of hysterectomy abortion or Caesarean section.

6.- Do you have pain or problems down the right or left side of the body?

7.- Do you relax better with classic music or prefer Vedic chanting
I have a nice Lord Ganesh Sama Veda chanting or a relaxing Sonata.

8.- Can you go on your knees and do the Chandra or child pose asana.

9.- Can you comfortably stay some time on your knees or we will avoid them

10.- Do you have Skype or a telephone number where I could call you if needed to.

Your Skype address or phone number and what time can you receive calls. …AM PM ?…..





Mind Your Own Back – Available in Book & soon on the Web plus Training DVD's


 A retired IBM Engineer, author Steve Timm healed his own crippling back problems by using the techniques described in his book. For over a decade he traveled the world in search of a cure – finally achieving lasting results in the ancient practice and study of Vedic Sciences. Excited to share his success with others, he created the Mind Your Own  Back program. Today, Steve continues to travel teaching this life-changing knowledge in workshops around the globe. If you are ready to take charge of your own back, the journey to healing starts here.


Steve Timm

Author of the MYOBack program

I also suffered badly from back pain, bad degeneration of the spine and so many complications that Doctors had given up and declared me a "Disabled person". Get a new bodyThey told me...                          
But my back is now totally healed. I don't look at my X Rays or MRI's anymore... I ride my bike and enjoy the fullness of life... and I it is now the year of my 55th anniversary of my 21st birthday.
After having done many years of research and studies working with top medical practitioners and renowned Indian Vaidyas around the world I have come up with the most powerful yet simplest and most natural Yoga Therapy system for back self care and maintenance. 

                                                               The Mind Your Own Back book is a  valuable compilation of information that complements your personal instructions through the Web, DVD's and professional guided sessions to help the so many back pain sufferers of the world to learn to manage and maintain their own back.           
This is my invitation and offering to YOU to benefit from this Natural and so Powerful Vedic wisdom!'

  I experienced this myself first...I corrected my painful badly degenerated long standing out of balance spine by what I describe in the book and teachings . I became flexible and pain free and I didn't think much about my achievement.

That was many years ago... then I helped one friend, two,... twelve,... twenty friends and MYOBack started rolling by itself.   Many of my friends asked me to make this simple and most effective Vedic technique known to the back suffering community of the world.

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How does MYOBack work?

TheMYOBack technique is designed to create balance and healthy spine from the bottom up.  It begins by re-setting the angle and position of the pelvis in the most effective way. By restoring balance at the very foundation of the spine, it naturally corrects the distortions and deviations that aging, muscle weakness and other causes have created throughout the vertebral column. Just as a properly laid foundation creates a strong building, correcting the foundation of the spine is fundamental to fixing all back problems. Resetting the foundation leads to better fluid exchange which refreshes the joints, which naturally improves posture and creates more flexibility in the whole vertebral column.  Correcting the distortions that occur at the pelvis and lower back is the most fundamental step in restoring balance to the whole spine. A spontaneous and natural domino effect follows as the vertical human spine is a balancing act compared with the horizontal models. Every segment of the spine will realign and rearrange itself to make sure that the total weight distributed on all sides are equal and in perfect equilibrium.

             MYOBack begins with re-setting the pelvis in the most effective way. Dramatic changes can immediately be noticed when the full MYOBack setting of the pelvis is achieved. Tensions are released. Great flexibility can be experienced while walking and moving around. Well balanced freedom at the base of the vertebral column means the release of tensions through out the whole vertebral column. Spontaneous re-arrangement of the full spine and release of tensions have been reported to continue to occur even one year later. Hip problems have been reported to vanish away as the newly balanced and healthier pelvis position is achieved. The hip joints find a better link to the pelvis. Posture improves in an effortless and natural way. All that is needed is to accurately follow the steps of the MYOBack technique properly. You work at your own pace and only using the natural law of gravity.

             MYOBack opens up the low lumbar joins in the most natural and effective way allowing a total realignment of the whole spine. Obvious results can occur in the first session like no other system or method can do.


Prevention is better than Cure.

 Ideally people should learn and understand about their own back and body before injuries or problems arise. Children should learn about their body and spine at school. Many problems could be prevented if we are well educated about our needs and limitations.

 The Mind Your Own Back book clearly and concisely describes the mechanics and needs of the human spine.  The reader can then visualize and understand the need of exercise and proper nutrition.



   How long does the practice of MYOBack take?

       At first you may need to expend up to twenty minutes or more if you are correcting long standing back problems. A few minutes a day is all you need to maintain a healthy back once you achieve a balanced and flexible spine. Then if you are so advised the MYOBack strengthening exercises will get you working on many muscles in a very short time. You save time on high power highly efficient strengthening exercises.   Other exercises are also recommended. 



Get your copy of the book at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and more. 

 In Europe order your copy fromDublin or Killarney (click on the appropriate)

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bookat a very high price. The suggested retail price is £15.49 or €17.99 or less.

Email: myoback@gmail.com 

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