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  What happens if the foundation is not right?


A good foundation means a well balanced structure.


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 MYOBack introduction 

MYOBack in a nutshell 

Limited appointments on coming up visits. Please book well in advance as your tailor made

 personal MYOBack program must be prepared and set on a DVD before the appointment

In order to get your personal MYOBack program and DVD please copy and fill in the following questionnaire.


 MYOBack Questionnaire.

Please email your answers to MYOBack@gmail.com


1.- Name, address and gender - Male or Female…...........

2.- Place, Date and Time of Birth dd/mm/yy.......................

3.- Your general state of health and diagnosed back problems. If MRI's or
x rays please include the written report.
Any Scoliosis?...one shoulder higher than the other?

4.- Can you perform basic Yoga. Lifting up your legs while flat on the floor?

5.- Do you have any Sacroiliac problems?

5.- Ladies please inform of hysterectomy abortion or Caesarean section.

6.- Do you have pain or problems down the right or left side of the body?

7.- Do you relax better with classic music or prefer Vedic chanting
I have a nice Lord Ganesh Sama Veda chanting or a relaxing Sonata.

8.- Can you go on your knees and do the Chandra or child pose asana.

9.- Can you comfortably stay some time on your knees or we will avoid them

10.- Do you have Skype or a telephone number where I could call you if needed to.

Your Skype address or phone number and what time can you receive calls. …AM PM ?…..


 MYOBack aims at keeping a well balance pelvis and spine structure.


     DID YOU KNOW? that the discs between your vertebrae in your spine have no blood vessels and therefore no blood supply of their own? How do they then get their nutrients and how do they get rid of toxins? You need to find out how to care for and look after every joint in your spine.

The discs have no blood supply of their own and depend entirely on the fluids and nutrients fed to them by the vertebrae. When the compression is released the disc “breathes in” fluid to absorb nutrients, and, under pressure, “breathes out” to release toxic waste. Like all natural systems, the spine requires alternate rest and activity to stay healthy. If subject to sustained pressure for long periods, the discs will lose fluid and slowly dry up, and the fibrous layers of the disc will bulge outwards obstructing nerves and causing pain. The joints become floppy and unstable like car tires without sufficient air. But the discs will also bounce back when given the opportunity to do so during rest or stretching.

Long hours sitting down without much movement makes the discs go low on fluids, creating stiffness and making it painful to stand up and stretch. At the end of the day you will be shorter than you were in the morning due to the drying out and shrinking of the discs. Normally discs will recover their fluid content during rest at night but an imbalance of activity over rest will create problems long term. A little bit of attention to flexing and exercising the spine on a regular basis goes a long way in maintaining a youthful and healthy spine.

A healthy sacral joint will be making a 50 degree turn upwards and with age we all continuously lose that angle .

            Acting as a vise against the first disc or sacral joint, the pelvis will compress the L5/S1 joint setting the pelvis at a new closer angle with the corresponding ligaments, changing their length and making the new angle more or less permanent. The deterioration will get worse with the passage of time and lack of exercise. The internal ligaments between the pelvis and L5/L4 will change length aggravating the situation even further and causing more twists and distortions along the length of the spine.

One joint in trouble of the so many is enough to spoil your day. MYOBack aims to correct the imbalances along the whole spine and also focus on individual joints.  

How does MYOBack works?

TheMYOBack technique is designed to create balance and healthy spine from the bottom up.  It begins by re-setting the angle and position of the pelvis in the most effective way. By restoring balance at the very foundation of the spine, it naturally corrects the distortions and deviations that aging, muscle weakness and other causes have created throughout the vertebral column. Just as a properly laid foundation creates a strong building, correcting the foundation of the spine is fundamental to fixing all back problems. Resetting the foundation leads to better fluid exchange which refreshes the joints, which naturally improves posture and creates more flexibility in the whole vertebral column.  Correcting the distortions that occur at the pelvis and lower back is the most fundamental step in restoring balance to the whole spine. A spontaneous and natural domino effect follows as the vertical human spine is a balancing act compared with the horizontal models. Every segment of the spine will realign and rearrange itself to make sure that the total weight distributed on all sides are equal and in perfect equilibrium.

             MYOBack begins with re-setting the pelvis in the most effective way. Dramatic changes can immediately be noticed when the full MYOBack setting of the pelvis is achieved. Tensions are released. Great flexibility can be experienced while walking and moving around. Well balanced freedom at the base of the vertebral column means the release of tensions through out the whole vertebral column. Spontaneous re-arrangement of the full spine and release of tensions have been reported to continue to occur even one year later. Hip problems have been reported to vanish away as the newly balanced and healthier pelvis position is achieved. The hip joints find a better link to the pelvis. Posture improves in an effortless and natural way. All that is needed is to accurately follow the steps of the MYOBack technique properly. You work at your own pace and only using the natural law of gravity.

             MYOBack opens up the low lumbar joins in the most natural and effective way allowing a total realignment of the whole spine. Obvious results can occur in the first session like no other system or method can do.

                    What is in the Mind Your Own Back 3rd edition book?

       New Chapter – Mind Your Own Emotional Stresses. 

The book is of a large format within the standard sizes 9" X 6" to get the most of the many illustrations. There are over 80 illustrations including four large (double page) worksheets to make your practice of MYOBack simple and easy.The MYOBackbook is of some 194 pages long divided into three sections; PART I – UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM, PART II – TAKING ACTION THE MYOBACK TECHNIQUE and PART III  – BLISS AND GOOD HEALTH: A VEDIC APPROACH TO LIFE.

         The MYOBack book is constantly updated to the latest developments to serve as reference material to the individually tailored program soon available through this Web page.  It provides a detail description of the basic MYOBack technique that is considered safe for people not having complications or injuries that require medical appraisal or supervision. Other more advanced versions of MYOBack will be available through qualified and certified health professionals who will be listed in this web site.

The book is written in plain English with many illustrations so that everyone can get a clear understanding of the spine needs and how to correct imbalances that may happen.

DVD's will soon be available as course material and as part of the Web based learning program to make sure that all necessary tools are available after the initial assisted learning.     

                    How long does the MYOBack practice take?

       At first you may need to expend up to half an hour or more if you are correcting long standing back problems. A few minutes a day is all you need to maintain a healthy back once you achieve a balanced and flexible spine. Then the MYOBack strengthening exercises will get you working on many muscles in a very short time. You save time on high power highly efficient strengthening exercises.   Other exercises are also recommended. 

 What else is coming up in MindYourOwnBack.com?

You will be able to learn from the comfort of your home or have a MYOBack professional to help you get started.

Coming up soon in this Web page

1.- Free educational videos and information in the simplest English will be provided through the Web plus the availability of DVD's, written material and other products.

2.- Personal instruction will be given to those taking the full 'Steve Timm Mind Your Own Back' course after pre-assessment for individual specific recommended points to achieve the best possible routine for each individual. You will be asked specific questions to adjust Your individual personal program to your individual needs. You will also be given specific exercises to prepare you for your first practice of the  'Steve Timm Mind Your Own Back program' .

  You will then have an option to do your first practice at home carefully following a DVD plus the individual instructions provided or you may elect to perform the initial practice in front of a facilitator in the person of an approved certified medical professional.

Well began is half done. Once you get Your version of the routine you can continue practicing by using your copy of the DVD's.

3.- Personal consultations will be available using remote video conferencing, Skype, the Web, etc.

4.- Advanced aspects of the 'Steve Timm Mind Your Own Back' program will be possible if recommended during personal consultations. This part of the program can only be administered by a trained medical professional to insure the proper application. Proper supervision is necessary.

The whole of the 'Steve Timm Mind Your Own Back' program has been designed to be as safe and simple as it can be.

Information on advanced techniques, lists and locations of certified MYOBack professionals and other MindYourOwnBackproducts, Videos, DVD's and updates becoming available will be announced through this MindYourOwnBack.com website

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Get your copy of the book at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and more. 

 In Europe order your copy fromDublin or Killarney (click on the appropriate)

Warning! Amazon.co.uk is showing the New Revised Edition of the Mind Your Own Back

bookat a very high price. The suggested retail price is £15.49 or €17.99 or less.

Email: myoback@gmail.com 


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